At Instrumental Translations, we support the pursuit

of scientific innovation by eliminating language barriers.

English to French

A mistranslated key concept could be detrimental to your reputation

Prevent that from happening by investing in a qualified linguist with years of experience.

With specialized knowledge, impeccable precision, and punctual delivery, you can rely on me to provide high-quality translations of manuals, brochures, application notes, and other materials related to spectrometers, clinical chemistry analyzers, and other scientific instruments.

French life science translations

Are you a biotech company or small instrument producer interested in introducing your analyzer or spectrometer to the French-speaking market?

By translating your documents, I can ensure that your scientific instruments are accessible to the French-speaking world.

Language solutions for the life sciences

French scientific instrumentation translation

In order to develop and sell scientific instruments to a French-speaking audience, companies must adhere to rigid regulatory guidelines. From instructions to training modules, your materials need to comply with any changing regulations within the industry.

I always stay as close as possible to the source text to avoid regulatory issues.

Documents I translate:

  • Instructions for use
  • Application notes
  • e-books
  • Software guides
  • Operating manuals
  • Operator’s guides
  • User manuals
  • Quick start guides
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Installation and upgrade guides
  • Customer notifications
  • Discontinuation letters
  • Scientific instrument interfaces
  • Training modules for instrument interfaces
  • Product brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Websites
  • Online presentations


  • Chromatographs
  • Analyzers (coagulation, DNA/RNA, etc.)
  • NMR spectrometers/mass spectrometers
  • In vitro diagnostic test systems
  • Software

French pharmaceutical translation

Whether it’s instructions or prescribing information, I will make sure your copy adheres to the pharmaceutical industry’s quality control guidelines to certify a successful reception for your product.

Documents I translate:

  • Instructions for the use of in vitro diagnostic tests
  • Prescribing information
  • Training modules for medical sales representatives
  • FAQs related to drugs

You will be working with a specialized scientific translator

My experience as both a scientific translator and a research associate adds up to 23 years, meaning you’ll be entrusting your data with someone fluent in the field of life sciences.

I also have a PhD in Physical Chemistry, two master’s degrees (one in Spectroscopy, Analytical and Physical Organic Chemistry, and the other in Biology and Biochemistry), and a bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences.